Longs Peak

Photos of a hike to the top of Longs Peak in Aug 2005 

Longs Peak is in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado


The east face "Diamond" of Longs Peak from the approach trail.  


The "Boulder Field" at 12,400 feet..  The route climbs to the "Keyhole" at top.


The "Keyhole" at 13,200 feet.  This is a popular rest area.


The "Trough".  Hikers can choose their preferred route up.


The top of the "Trough" is 13,900 feet.


The "Narrows".  One slip quickly returns hikers to the bottom of the mountain.


The "Homestretch".  The summit is at the top of this difficult face.


The Summit at 14,255 feet.  Flat and rocky, plenty of room.


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