BRAG - Bicycle Ride Across Georgia 2003

BRAG - Bicycle Ride Across Georgia - 2003


The 2003 Bicycle Ride Across Georgia started in Bainbridge and ended in St. Marys.


Most Brag cyclists camp out each evening on the school grounds.


Some Brag cyclists camp in the gym which is sometimes air-conditioned.




Every 15 miles or so is a Brag rest stop with energy drinks, fruits, and cookies.


A few people chose to use roller blades instead of bicycles.


The piano peddler can play while riding.  He entertained at the rest stops, this one photo from the 2004 Brag Ride.


The shower truck awaits at the end of each ride.


Brag photos are available for sale.


The first rest stop each day has pancakes for breakfast.


Many different types of bicycles were on the ride.


Waiting for the train in a small town.


South Georgia swamp.


This Bud's for you.


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