Thailand Mar 2003



Bangkok Thailand traffic - Mar 2003

Bangkok Traffic

Khaosan Road, bangkok Thailand  - March 2003

Khao San road - backpacker headquarters in Thailand


Schoolkids in Bangkok Thailand - March 2003

Bangkok schoolkids


Temple in Chang Mai Thailand - Mar 2003


                          Temple in Chang Mai

Tourists visit local tribe in North Thailand - Mar 2003

A trek in Northern Thailand allows tourist to visit local tribe families.




Umbrella factory Chang Mai Thailand - Mar 2003

Umbrella factory near Chang Mai


Bamboo rafting in Northern Thailand - March 2003

Rafting in Northern Thailand  
The rafts are torn apart and rebuilt for each trip




Padong (long neck) tribe women



Shelling coconuts on Ko Phangan Island




View of Koh Samui from Koh Phangan island


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