Cambodia March 2003


Ankor Wat entrance - Cambodia - March 2003

Ankor Wat entrance


Ankor Wat restoration - Cambodia 2003

 Ankor Wat restoration - Cambodia 2003

Restoring Ankor Wat is a continuous process.


siem riep mar 2003 ankor tree

Trees grow around the stones

Ankor Wat face in rock - Cambodia 2003

Face in Stone


cambodia mar 2003 lake

cambodia mar 2003 lake

Popular transport from Siem Riep to Phom Phen is by boat on lake Tonga
 Tourists like to ride on top but it gets wet


People living on lake - Cambodia 2003

Many people live on houseboats



s21 prison Prisoner photosl - Phom Phen Cambodia 2003

Photos were taken of every prisoner in the infamous s21 Prison in Phom Phen


s21 prison cell - Phom Phenm Cambodia Mar 2003

Prisoner cell in s21 prison - it was formerly a school


s21 prison 10 rules sign - Cambodia 2003 - The security of regulation -  You must answer accordingly to my question Don't turn them away.

The 10 rules of s21 Prison


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